LEDGIS: A new generation of Blockchain transcending
a boundary between Public and Private Blockchain

Decentralized & Effective Ecosystem

LEDGIS Blockchain Ecosystem

LEDGIS is a new generation of blockchain oriented to an ecosystem
that everyone can participate in without a boundary between public and private chain.


LEDGIS makes services more valuable by providing
an optimized blockchain platform for customers with differentiated technology.

Fast Processing Speed

It supports services at a high-speed which is 3,000TPS (Transaction Per Second) and 0.5 seconds of block time. It also supports fast transactions through DPoSS-based consensus algorithms.

Powerful Reward System

Reward is given in proportion to votes, sales of tokens, and block generations. Payback is given in proportion to purchase of tokens. Holders who participated in the vote of a block producer (BP) are given a right to use REX.

Voluntary Ecosystem

A Block Producer (BP) is elected by a contribution to the ecosystem, and a blockchain policy is suggested freely through the Referendum System.

Saves and manages large amount of data and sensitive information

Large files are shared quickly and efficiently. These are saved and managed using the settings of data access rights and data encryption.

Inter-blockchain Communication (IBC)

The link between public and private blockchain connects each network to build a huge network and share information between networks.

Easy User Verification

We provide an easy user verification like managing a personal key and transaction, and DID linked to a user’s biological information


Infomation Security Management System
Infomation Security in Cloud Services
Protection of PII in Public Cloud
Privacy Infomation Management System

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Decentralized Identifier

Enables users to achieve self-sovereign identity (SSI). User has full control of their own ID info
getting to manage, share (can decide whom to share info with) and verify their own identification.

“Self-sovereign enabled by infra tech”
“Brand new online ID system”
“Based on distributed databases”


Identity Data Hub

It's the managing system that accesses data based on DID, securing data with encryption while sharing, accessing control of DID-based user data.

Manage DID-based user data
Only authorized ones have access to the data
Ensure data integrity and confidentiality
Maintaining integrity and confidentiality:
Nobody has access to the device but you
Compatible with other DIDs
As long as the DID is complied with W3C standards


Issuing Company




Ticker Symbol




Coin Format



1,000,000,000(1 Billion)

Issuing Company




Ticker Symbol


Coin Format



1,000,000,000(1 Billion)

LEDGIS Disclaimer

LEDGIS Disclaimer

Investment Notes   >

LEDGIS Disclaimer

LEDGIS Disclaimer

Investment Notes   >


Easy Mobile LEDGIS Blockchain

Safe Account Management

You can make a real-name verified account and anonymous account through KYC. You can log-in by a biological verification like facial recognition and fingerprint.

Easy UI/UX

You can send cryptocurrency fast and easily. Checking and managing your wallet’s usage is easy with an account information display.

Convenient usage of DApp

You can use LEDGIS Wallet safely and conveniently by adding diverse DApps.

Now Available

LEDX: a real-time monitoring service

LEDX: a real-time Block monitoring service linked to LEDGIS wallet

Link to LEDGIS Wallet

LEDX is a block monitoring system that users can easily use. It is designed to focus on important information so that users can know the condition of LEDGIS blockchain. Tabs consist of frequent services like remittance and transaction information can be seen with a few simple clicks.

Log-in by QR code

You can easily log-in and make transactions by key information saved in your mobile device. There is no need to save a key in your computer.

Make KYC account

By making the website similar to other general websites, the accessibility has increased which makes blockchain accounts easier to create. We also support AML through KYC.


We provide private blockchain solutions to institutions and companies that need a technology of blockchain. We lead the way of an innovative lifestyle by a blockchain with security, scalability, high-speed and convenience.

Real Estate Platform without False offerings

JJIN Project

A platform that detects false offerings disturbing real estate market and blocks forgery of information about real estate through the use of blockchain technology

Crowdfunding Pennylane

Pennylane Project

A crowdfunding service which helps producers improve their competitive edge in the long-run and supports the growth of startups.

Differentiate online gambling market

IWC Game

Information such as betting and win-lose record of online casino games are saved and opened in blockchain for a convenient and credible game environment

Floor plan trading service platform


Service that helps floor plans like Building planning, 3D printing drawing, and CAD which needs copyright protection to be traded safely based on trust in an open market.

Pet Identification Blockchain


The world’s first blockchain for pets. This is a project that provides diverse services for pets by registering an identification code in a blockchain based on vein recognition technology.

A reward service for habit check


This is a service where people’s lifestyle habits are checked in an online community and people are rewarded by advertisers through blockchain technology.

Building a transparent defense business system

Defense Acquisition Program Administration (DAPA)

IBCT was selected for a blockchain platform supplier for Korea Defense Acquisition Program Administration (DAPA). We make many works in defense business more transparent by building a LEDGIS blockchain platform.

Medical service Platform with convergence ICT Technology

O2O Medical Service Platform

This platform keeps a lot of medical information and distribution processes transparent so that all the participants in medical and manufacturing fields can get an advantage.

REC transaction system based on blockchain networks

Photovoltaic Project

This supports solar power entrepreneurs to issue and sell REC tokens based on LEDGIS blockchain technology so that they can work conveniently and gain more profits.


LEDGIS Team has various career and experiences in the field of blockchain and ICT.

Martin Lee


Mark Lee

Senior Director

Janghong Choi


Rockfeel Kim


Stella Kim

Finance Manager

Sanghyun Jung


Ikjoon Jang


Lily Jeong

UI/UX Developer

Haneul No


Teasung Kim


Hyungjoong Kim


- Standing representative of Future IT Powerhouse Union

- Head of Korea University Cryptocurrency Research Center at Korea University

- President of Korea Society of Fintech

- Head professor of cyber security, bigdata and applied security at Korea University

Pokki Min


Elina Yurina

Global Advisor

- XpressRX, Inc. Managing Partner

- Startup founder Invesor and advisor

Artsem Varabyou

Global Advisor

- zGames Technical Manager

- Glad Rock LLC Director

- softteq CTO


LEDGIS Partners have huge influences in various fields.